CoinBurp Token (BURP) Presale
Is now Open

Please use a Desktop to join the Token Sale

Mobile / Tablet device is not supported with MetaMask!

If you would like to participate from a mobile device, transfer funds to the wallet below manually!

Any excess funds will be refunded. Everyone participating in the sale will have an airdrop.


CoinBurp Token (BURP) Presale

Individual Allocation size: 7 ETH (56 BNB) = 362600 BURP  \  MIN 0.3 ETH (3 BNB)   

1 BURP = $0.05 \ 1 ETH (8 BNB) = 51800 BURP

Now Open ripples
Please connect wallet first to join token sale

Total Amount

51800 BURP = 1 ETH

100000000.00 PAD

Closes in

  • -2d
  • -17h
  • -6m
  • -40s

Token Sale Progress

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